May 22, 2024

World Cup 2023: Complete Preview of Favourites to Win in the Tournament | Fun88

The ICC World Cup is among the most awaited tournaments in cricket history. And since it is about to begin in October, there have been many declarations about the top favourite teams that could win the World Cup 2023. Thus, giving these teams a competitive advantage over others, there is a high possibility for them to qualify for the finals and become the tournament winner.

Hence, discovering the favourites and World Cup betting odds is incredibly important if you want to bet on the best team with the highest chances of winning. The favourites will tell you why they have the biggest benefit this season on the field, and accordingly, you can make your bet after a thorough assessment.  

Top Favourite Teams Most Likely to Win the ICC World Cup 2023

Experts like Eoin Morgan, Kevin Pietersen, Kumar Sangakkara and more have already picked their favourites for this season. And these teams also have some of the majority fan base behind them. So, some of the most anticipated winners of this tournament include the following:


With India’s recent performance in the Asia Cup 2023 tournament, it has the biggest chance of winning the ICC World Cup 2023. Also, the benefit of playing on home turf is something that you cannot ignore. India also has an incredible pace of attackers and talented cricketers who can get India to new heights.

Overall, India has many favourable factors that can lead it to winning the World Cup 2023. The nation is also preparing for its strong performance and victory with some of the toughest batters and bowlers in the cricket world.


Australia has won the most trophies in the ICC World Cup tournament. It has been the cricket world champion by sheer determination and formidable performance five times. Australia can win the World Cup 2023, no matter which ground it might be playing on. Moreover, the team is an amalgamation of some of the talented players who play exceptionally well together. Hence, Australia is the strongest opponent you must look out for.

Moreover, it is known to play an unconventional brand of cricket, making it imperative for others to be careful when playing matches against Australia.


England is another top favourite team that could perform exceptionally well. It may not have won many times. However, it’s important to note that they are this year’s defending champion. The team has continuously improved its performance to become a strong worldwide team.

England can outshine the other team on the field in the most unexpected ways. Even its win in the previous 2019 World Cup had been considered unexpected.


Pakistan is also a tough contender for the World Cup trophy this year. And its opportunities to win arise because of Babar Azam, the top batsman in their team. The team has a considerable fan base and can improve its performance.

Moreover, Pakistan has previously played on Indian grounds, giving them an edge of familiarity while playing against the other teams.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the favourite teams for the ICC World Cup. It has won the trophy once. Recently, there have been some remarkable players from the team who can play greatly and have the betting odds for World Cup in their favour. At the same time, you should also consider that Sri Lanka has many legendary cricketers who will not be playing this year. It means that not all could be in favour of Sri Lanka, but even if it does not become the winner, it still has a strong chance of being a tough competitor.


Knowing about all the teams that are favourites in the ICC World Cup 2023 and have the highest chances of winning the tournament can decide who you want to bet. But while World Cup cricket betting, you must wager your money using a reliable website to bet directly on the team playing in this tournament.

One such website is Fun88, which lets you bet on your favourite team from the ICC World Cup 2023. It also lets you bet before, during, or after the match. This way, you are entirely certain which team you want to bet on and your estimated rewards upon winning

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