June 22, 2024

Legal Implications of Pressure Cooker Accidents: Know Your Rights

As integral components of kitchens worldwide, pressure cookers serve as indispensable appliances catering to the diverse culinary needs of households. 

As per Fortune Business Insights, the demand for these cooking devices is notably influenced by factors such as pot capacity and the material used. Additionally, cooking time mirrors the dynamic preferences of consumers.

The global pressure cooker market has demonstrated substantial growth, reaching a valuation of $5.08 billion in 2022. This robust trend is projected to persist, with an anticipated increase to $5.48 billion in 2023 and a remarkable surge to $8 billion by the year 2030.

However, when misused or due to manufacturing defects, these devices can pose significant safety hazards, leading to serious injuries. In such cases, understanding the legal implications of pressure cooker accidents is crucial for asserting your rights and seeking compensation.

This article aims to empower individuals with knowledge about their rights, potential claims, and avenues for seeking legal recourse.

Product Liability Law in Pressure Cooker Accidents

Product liability law is a critical aspect when it comes to addressing injuries or damages caused by defective products. This legal framework holds manufacturers, distributors, and retailers accountable for the safety and functionality of their products. 

In the context of pressure cookers, understanding product liability is paramount as accidents stemming from malfunctions may warrant legal action. The question “Can a pressure cooker explode” is central to this discussion, as instances of explosions can result in severe injuries. 

According to TorHoerman Law, if a pressure cooker does explode due to defects, victims may have grounds for a legal claim against the manufacturer. This underscores the significance of comprehending product liability laws in seeking compensation for injuries caused by faulty kitchen appliances.

Factors Influencing Pressure Cooker Accidents

Accidents from the appliance can manifest through various circumstances, each presenting distinct risks. For Instance-

  • Design defects: Flaws in the design, such as malfunctioning valves or inaccurate pressure gauges, can culminate in explosions or leaks. This poses a serious safety hazard.
  • Manufacturing defects: Errors occurring during the manufacturing process, like improper welding or the use of defective materials, can compromise the structural integrity of the device. This can contribute to accidents.
  • User error: Negligence or failure to adhere to proper operating instructions increases the likelihood of accidents. Misuse, including using the appliance for unintended purposes, heightens the risk of hazardous situations.

The significance of these risk factors becomes apparent in the recent recall of Best Buy’s Insignia pressure cookers. As reported by KRON4, the recall, impacting approximately 930,000 units, is prompted by a burn hazard linked to inaccurate volume markings on the pot.

This inconsistency could result in overfilling, leading to the forceful expulsion of hot food when the cooker is vented. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the problem has generated 31 incident reports, including 17 reported cases of burn injuries.

Injuries from Pressure Cooker Accidents

Pressure cooker accidents can inflict serious and sometimes life-altering injuries on individuals, encompassing a range of consequences.

Hot steam, liquids, and food ejected during a cooker accident can result in severe burns. These injuries often necessitate immediate medical attention, extensive treatment, and, in some cases, skin grafts to promote healing. The intense heat generated during an explosion can lead to significant tissue damage, causing pain and potentially leaving lasting scars.

The explosion of the appliance can propel fragments or hot debris, posing a significant risk to the eyes. Injuries sustained to the eyes can range from minor irritations to severe damage, potentially causing vision impairment. 

Moreover, the appliance’s explosions can result in pieces of it becoming projectiles, causing deep cuts and lacerations. Flying objects propelled by the force of the explosion pose a direct threat to individuals in proximity, leading to injuries that require surgical intervention. 

Seeking Compensation for the Accidents

In the aftermath of such an accident, seeking compensation becomes a pivotal aspect of addressing the physical, emotional, and financial toll on the victim. 

Compensatory damages, which aim to cover direct losses, may include medical expenses incurred due to the injuries sustained. This includes costs related to immediate treatment, ongoing medical care, and any required surgical interventions. 

Beyond tangible expenses, compensation may extend to address the victim’s pain and suffering, acknowledging the emotional distress and enduring trauma caused by the accident.

Lost wages are another facet of compensatory damages, accounting for income losses resulting from the victim’s inability to work due to injury-related factors. Furthermore, punitive damages may be sought in cases where the defendant’s conduct is deemed egregious or reckless.

The recent pressure cooker lawsuit filed by a woman in Tennessee against Breville USA, Inc., vividly underscores the necessity for compensation. As reported by West Virginia Injury Law News, the plaintiff sustained permanent injuries during routine use of the Breville Fast Slow Cooker. 

In her legal action, the plaintiff is pursuing both compensatory and punitive damages. Despite the inclusion of failsafe devices, the explosion resulted in scalding liquid and steam spraying across her body, leading to lasting pain and suffering.

Consulting with an Attorney

Navigating the intricate legal terrain of appliance accidents requires expertise. Consulting with a seasoned personal injury attorney is crucial for invaluable guidance and support. 

An attorney aids in investigating the accident, gathering essential evidence, negotiating with insurance entities, and, if needed, filing a lawsuit. Their representation in court proceedings ensures a comprehensive and strategic approach to seeking compensation for injuries and damages.


Pressure cooker accidents carry profound consequences that extend beyond the immediate incident. Recognizing your legal rights and pursuing compensation is not just a matter of seeking financial redress. It’s a crucial step towards recovering from the physical, emotional, and financial burdens imposed by these unfortunate events. 

By understanding the nuances of product liability law and being aware of the potential compensation avenues, individuals can navigate the aftermath of such accidents. Empowered with knowledge and legal support, victims can strive to rebuild their lives after these distressing incidents.

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