April 12, 2024

Why It Is Good To Have a Stick Pack Option for Your Supplement Brand

The right packaging can make or break any consumable product, but with supplements, this choice is all-important. A supplement should be effective, well-protected from the elements and easy to incorporate into a busy lifestyle. Typical bulk packaging is one option, but stick pack packaging introduces a number of advantages for both your brand and your customers. Here are a few reasons to ensure that your supplement brand has a stick pack option.

A Good Way To Protect From Moisture and Spoilage

Many supplements can lose effectiveness with exposure to air or light. Chances are, your brand has looked into the permeability of various packaging options to deliver a fresh product every time.

Stick packaging will always win out in this consideration because, unlike a typical large container, each serving is completely sealed off before use. There is no risk of air or water from a spoon infiltrating a stick package, so the formula is always at its best. 

Making Your Product Easy To Use

Dosage is a key concern for supplement products. Including a measuring scoop or spoon in a large package is a good strategy to help customers measure, but it’s not foolproof. These spoons can get lost and damaged over time, and consumers can be shockingly inaccurate when it comes to eyeballing measurements. 

Stick packaging is pre-measured for the ideal dose every time. It’s also much more convenient to use than bulk packaging. Stick packaging can fit in a purse or a car compartment, making it possible to use a supplement product on the go. Stick packaging is so much easier to use, in fact, that many consumers will pay a premium for less of a supplement in more convenient stick packaging.

Creating a Sample Size for Curious Consumers

With stick packaging, your supplement brand can offer samples alongside full-sized products. This is an important marketing step to convert curious consumers into long-term customers. 

Samples allow customers to try different flavors or formulations without committing to a full-sized package. Custom stick packaging is an option even for smaller brands as it is available with low MOQ.

Besides the obvious practical advantage of converting curious would-be customers, offering sample-sized options in stick packaging presents a psychological marketing advantage. As soon as the customer begins sampling the different options, their focus shifts from whether or not to buy the product to which version of the product to buy. This small trick can drastically increase conversion rates and help grow a business. 

Opening the Door to More Marketing Opportunities

Subscription boxes and services are robust marketing opportunities for new brands. Stick packaging makes it easy to include small samples in these boxes and get your product in front of more potential consumers. Stick packaging is lightweight, dependable and easy to slip in alongside any subscription product or service. 

Get creative when thinking of which subscription services may be able to feature your product. Many telehealth companies that mail common medications, beauty products or hygiene products may be willing to add a tiny stick of convenient supplements.

Align your brand with flexible packaging suppliers to add stick packs to your arsenal. These convenient sticks can be samples, marketing tools or a valuable product in themselves.

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