June 22, 2024
Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Update 6th January 2024 Episode: Angad Angry On Sahiba

Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Update 6th January 2024 Episode: Angad doesn’t want to see Garry and says either he or Garry must leave the house. Manveer, the owner of the house, agrees and wants Garry to leave. Angad is upset and can’t stand Garry at all. Jasleen begs Akaal to let Garry stay, but Akaal also wants Garry out. Garry feels he shouldn’t stay there. Prabjot tells Akaal to make Garry leave. Jasleen is upset about her weak relationships and begs not to be separated from her son. She says if Garry leaves, she will leave too.

Inder decides to let Garry stay in their house because he doesn’t want his sister, who has already suffered a lot, to suffer more. However, Seerat thinks Garry shouldn’t stay. The Mongas tell Garry to keep away from Sahiba and Seerat. Garry promises Jasleen he’ll visit her often, but Jasleen wants to either stay with him in the house or leave with him. Sahiba suggests a compromise: Garry can stay, but he must live in the lawn as punishment. This way, Jasleen can visit him whenever she likes. Garry and Jasleen agree to this. Sahiba then asks Akaal for his opinion, and he agrees to the idea for Jasleen’s sake.

Angad is very angry with Sahiba and leaves the room. Sahiba follows him, trying to explain herself, but Angad tells her that he feels betrayed because she helped and supported his enemy. He believes he can’t forgive her for this. Sahiba insists that she did everything for his family’s sake. Angad, still upset, closes his room door in her face, refusing to see her. As Sahiba pleads for a chance to talk, Manveer, along with Japjot and Seerat, approach her. They warn Sahiba to stop bothering Angad and to keep her distance from him. They blame Sahiba for always causing trouble for Angad. Sahiba responds by saying that as Angad’s wife, it’s her responsibility to soothe him and resolve their issues. Japjot supports Manveer’s view, saying Sahiba hurt Angad a lot today with her actions and should stay away from him for a while. Then they all leave.

Seerat angrily scolds Sahiba for causing trouble for Angad and tells her to leave. Angad wonders why Seerat is getting involved in his and Sahiba’s matter. Sahiba responds by saying that while the Brar family elders can question her, Seerat has no right to interfere in her conversation with her husband, Angad. Sahiba also questions Seerat’s right to stay in the house after divorcing Garry. Seerat leaves, visibly upset.

Outside, Seerat confronts Garry, asking why he returned after promising not to. Garry explains that he had to come back due to certain circumstances, and reassures Seerat that the Brar family will respect her and not force her to leave. Seerat is confused by his words. Garry then advises Seerat to stay away from Angad and Sahiba. In return, Seerat tells Garry to keep his distance from her. He agrees, saying he won’t bother her and hasn’t told the Brar family that she stole a secret file from Angad’s locker. She urgently tells him to never mention that again. Garry promises he won’t speak of it as long as she doesn’t interfere with Angad and Sahiba’s relationship. After this conversation, Seerat leaves.

Angad is unsure if he should open the door and talk to Sahiba. Meanwhile, Sahiba stands outside, saying she’s waiting for him to speak. Angad eventually opens the door, but instead of having a calm conversation, he continues to express his anger. He accuses Sahiba of siding with Garry and suggests that she might as well go back to him and plot something else. Sahiba defends their relationship, insisting that it’s not so weak as to be easily broken. However, Angad compares Garry to a dangerous snake hiding in a sleeve, ready to strike at any moment. He tells Sahiba that he won’t open the door again until she understands the threat Garry poses. Angad then closes the door in Sahiba’s face once more.

Precap: Angad, despite his anger, can’t help but worry about Sahiba, thinking she might be cold outside. True to his concerns, Sahiba is indeed shivering in the cold. In another part of the scene, Jasleen goes to meet Garry but slips. Sahiba is there to catch her and prevent her from falling. Garry then takes the opportunity to apologize to Jasleen for his past actions and addresses her respectfully as his sister-in-law (bhabi). Angad sees this interaction between Sahiba, Jasleen, and Garry. Misinterpreting the situation, he becomes even angrier at Sahiba. He doesn’t give her a chance to explain and drives his car away in a fit of anger, leaving Sahiba behind trying to reach out to him.

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