June 22, 2024

Above the Rest: Common Problems of Tall Men

Tall men are often envied for their stature, but with great height comes great responsibility… to deal with a unique set of challenges. From finding properly fitting clothing to the perpetual struggle for legroom in planes and buses, being tall isn’t always as glamorous as it may seem. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the common problems faced by tall men and how they navigate through the world from a higher vantage point.

1. The Constant Quest for Proper Clothing

Tall men often struggle to find clothes that fit them properly. Standard sizes just don’t work for them. The T-shirts are too short, and the pants look too short. So, they spend a lot of time and money looking for stores that sell clothes designed for tall people. These specialty stores offer longer inseams and sleeves, but they can be hard to find. However, as more tall men look for well-fitting and stylish clothing, more stores are offering extended sizes and styles to meet their needs.

2. Legroom: The Endless Struggle

If you’re a tall man who frequently travels, you’ve undoubtedly experienced the agony of cramped airplane seats and public transportation. Legroom is a rare luxury, and squeezing into a tiny seat for hours can be nothing short of torturous. The legroom battle can even extend to movie theaters and concert venues, where you might end up feeling like a giraffe trying to sit comfortably in a mouse hole.

3. Back and Neck Pain

While being tall has its advantages, it can also mean carrying around extra height-related stress. The additional strain on your back and neck is a common complaint among tall men. Constantly bending down to talk to shorter friends, family, and colleagues can take a toll on your posture and lead to chronic discomfort.

4. The ‘Head Banger’ Syndrome

The average person doesn’t need to worry about concussions from everyday activities, but tall men often find themselves ducking and weaving to avoid smacking their heads into low-hanging doorframes, ceilings, and other unexpected obstacles. In a world designed for the average-height individual, head clearance can become a constant concern.

5. Dancing Dilemmas

For tall men, dancing can be a unique challenge. In social situations, you might feel like your height makes you stand out like a sore thumb on the dance floor. Your long limbs can make you feel ungainly, and it can take some time to get comfortable and find your rhythm without feeling self-conscious.

6. The Height Difference in Relationships

Finding a partner who is comfortable with a significant height difference can be a concern for tall men. Some individuals may feel self-conscious about dating someone much shorter, while others may have no issue at all. It’s all about finding the right person who appreciates you for who you are, no matter your height.

7. Big Foot Syndrome

The struggle doesn’t stop at clothing and legroom; it extends to footwear. Finding stylish, comfortable, and reasonably priced shoes in larger sizes can be a daunting task. You might be forced to shop at specialty stores, which often come with a heftier price tag.

8. The Never-Ending Questions About Your Height

Being tall practically invites a barrage of questions and comments from strangers. “How tall are you?” “Do you play basketball?” “You must love concerts!” These questions, while well-intentioned, can become tiresome when you hear them repeatedly. Nonetheless, they often come with the territory of being above the average height.

9. Reaching for the Stars (or Just That Cereal Box)

Daily tasks that involve reaching for items on high shelves or cupboards can become a real stretch (literally) for tall men. While you might help shorter friends retrieve their belongings with ease, it’s not always as convenient for you. The quest to find the step stool becomes a regular part of your life.

10. Standing Out in a Crowd

Finally, tall men have the privilege (or curse, depending on your perspective) of always standing out in a crowd. Your height can make you easily noticeable, which may lead to feelings of self-consciousness in social situations. While being the center of attention can be great in some contexts, it’s not always welcomed.


Being a tall man comes with its own set of challenges. While these problems are real and can be frustrating at times, they are not insurmountable. Tall men adapt and find creative solutions to navigate through a world designed for shorter individuals. So, next time you meet a tall man, be mindful of the unique challenges they face and perhaps consider offering them a comfortable chair or a few extra inches of legroom on your next flight. After all, it’s not easy being “above the rest.”


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