May 22, 2024

Top Best Loan Apps in India to Avail Instant Funds

Traditional banks often take a very long time to review and process your application for personal and money lenders even usually known to levy high rates of interest making this process extremely dubious. Note that, in this financial setup, loan apps have come across as a great mode to offer you a safe & hassle-free instant cash loan in India in just a span of 1 hour. At times, when you require an instant cash loan, there are extremely less options available. The first option available is to opt for a personal loan from a conventional bank, which may be extremely time-consuming as it requires a lot of documentation.

The next option is to avail a loan via a credit card, but the rate of interest is very high. Contacting your pals or relatives for funds is another prudent option, however, it may be embarrassing at times. And not all are fortunate enough to avail a salary advance loan from their employers. Hence, the best way for an instant cash loan is via personal loan applications. The internet in today’s time has revolutionized the way India functions. Today, you simply can buy anything right from any vegetable to a gadget and more, right from the comfort and convenience of your home. This scenario is not distinct if you require a quick and easy personal loan. There are various instant loan applications in India, which may make your process for a personal loan a lot more convenient and easier. You can place an application for it online with the requisite and appropriate documents and the required loan proceeds may be delivered to you at your savings bank account directly. Read on to understand some of the best instant loan apps in India

Money Tap

Money Tap is one of the first loan-based apps in India. The best thing is it has no usage and no interest feature making it affordable for you to borrow credit. Thanks to this impressive feature, you just pay the interest constituent on the amount that you use. It is an app that endows a credit line to you as a customer, which works as a credit card or instant loan.

MoneyTap is basically a money lending company having a flexible rate of interest, presently servicing clients in Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Bangalore & Chennai and 30-plus cities in India. Let’s have a look at the hypothetical instance to better understand how MoneyTap loan work.

For instance, suppose X has been approved for a line of credit equaling Rs 1 lakh through MoneyTap but he uses just Rs 50,000 out of the same. If he availed a traditional personal loan, then he would have charged interest on the whole Rs 1 lakh from the very first day. However, via MoneyTap, he would be charged interest on the amount used by him i.e., Rs 50,000.

With MoneyTap, the amount to be paid post 1 year, assuming a 13 per cent rate of interest is loan proceeds = Rs 1 lakh, used only = Rs 50,000: 50,000 X 13 = Rs 56,500. X will end up making a payment of Rs 56,500 by year-end. With a conventional personal loan, the amount to be repaid after a year, assuming an interest rate of 13 per cent, loan proceeds equaling Rs 1 lakh is 1 lakh X 13 = 1.13 lakh.


Dhani popularly is marketed as the “phone se loan” application that instantly disburses loan proceeds to your savings bank account. You can place an application for a personal loan from anywhere at any time. You can avail a loan of as high as Rs 15 lakh instantaneously at a rate of interest beginning from 12 per cent. So, to borrow a personal loan from the Dhani loan application for free, just download the app, input your Aadhaar card details, and your loan proceeds and get the loan proceeds disbursed in your account instantaneously.

India Lends

IndiaLends is an important cash loan application in India to avail instant credit cards, and personal loans and even provides credit reports. IndiaLends provides instant loans online at a reasonable rate of interest and processes loans within 48 hours. IndiaLends’ loan application in India extensively makes good use of technology and data to ameliorate workflows and risk evaluation so that loan processing is shorter, more efficient, and easier.

Navi loan app

Navi loan provides personal loans beginning at 9.99 per cent per annum onwards for repayment tenures of as high as six years and for loan proceeds of as high as Rs 20 lakh. As a borrower, you can get a digital personal loan via the Navi app having zero processing charges. The cash loan processing is paperless and thoroughly based on the Aadhaar number and PAN. Navi personal loan is processed within 10 minutes and is even disbursed instantly to your bank account.


KreditBee is a kind of instant loan app for young professionals. You may get a loan of as high as Rs 1 lakh. The loan procedure is 100 per cent online. Disbursement is performed in fifteen minutes and the amount gets credited directly to your savings bank account.


NIRA offers a credit line to you as a salaried in India. A personal loan provided to you is in form of a credit line, which has a limit ranging anywhere between Rs 3,000 and Rs 1 lakh. The repayment tenure ranges between 3 months and 1 year. You can simply withdraw a minimal amount of Rs 5,000 every time. The interest applied on loan proceeds depends on how much you must borrow and when you must repay the amount that you have borrowed.


CASHe is an app dependent on a digital lending platform offering a short-term personal loan for distinct financial requirements but just to the salaried. You require offering documents like bank statements, salary slips, PAN card, and address proof, which may be uploaded via the cash loan application while placing an application for a loan. The approved loan proceeds can range anywhere between Rs 5,000 and Rs 2 lakh with repayment tenures ranging between 15 days and 6 months.


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