July 22, 2024

How To Sell Dogecoin For Cash & Cryptocurrency

In recent years, Dogecoin has gained popularity as a fun and accessible cryptocurrency. Its mascot, the Shiba Inu dog, has become a symbol of internet culture and meme-inspired investments. As a Dogecoin holder, you might be wondering how to sell your coins for cash or other cryptocurrencies. This guide will walk you through the process of selling Dogecoin, from setting up a wallet to finding the best exchange platform for your needs. Let’s dive in!

What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that was created by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer in 2013. The coin is based on Litecoin codebase and uses the same proof-of-work algorithm as Bitcoin, but with several differences:

It was launched in December 2013 and is considered an altcoin. The cryptocurrency is based on the popular internet meme featuring the Shiba Inu dog breed. Dogecoin is a derivative of Bitcoin, more precisely, it is based on Litecoin, which itself is fairly similar to Bitcoin.

How to sell Dogecoin for cash and crypto

To sell Dogecoin for cash or other cryptocurrencies, follow these steps:

Choose a cryptocurrency exchange that supports Dogecoin trading, such as KuCoin, Binance, or Coinbase.

Create an account on the chosen exchange, complete the verification process, and set up two-factor authentication for added security.

Deposit your Dogecoin to the exchange wallet. You may need to generate a Dogecoin deposit address within the exchange platform, then send your Dogecoin from your personal wallet to this address.

Once your Dogecoin deposit is confirmed, go to the trading section of the exchange and select the trading pair you want to sell your Dogecoin for (e.g., DOGE/USD, DOGE/BTC, DOGE/ETH).

Place a sell order at your desired dogecoin price or use a market order to sell at the current market rate. Once your order is executed, your Dogecoin will be exchanged for the selected currency.

If you sold Dogecoin for cash, you can withdraw the cash to your linked bank account. If you sold it for another cryptocurrency, you can either keep it in the exchange wallet or transfer it to your personal wallet.

Best places to sell DOGE

If you’re looking to sell your Dogecoin, there are a few places you can do so.

  • Sell Dogecoin for cash. You can use an exchange to convert your DOGE into fiat currency and then deposit it into your bank account. This is an easy way to get cash in hand without having to go through the hassle of selling on an exchange or waiting for someone to buy your coins via OTC trading.

  • Sell Dogecoin for crypto or pay with crypto at merchants who accept it as payment method (eBay has recently added support)

Dogecoin as a viable mode of payment

Originally created as a meme coin, Dogecoin has emerged as a viable mode of payment in various industries. In this article, we will explore the potential of Dogecoin as a payment method and discuss its advantages, challenges, real-world use cases, and future prospects.

One of the key factors that determine the viability of a cryptocurrency as a payment method is its acceptance among merchants and businesses. Dogecoin has achieved significant acceptance in various industries, including e-commerce, gaming, online services, and even physical establishments. Major companies and platforms, such as eGifter, Newegg, and the Dallas Mavericks, have embraced Dogecoin as a valid payment option, further validating its viability.

Where can I pay with DOGE?

You can pay with Dogecoin in a variety of places.

  • Online stores: Many online retailers accept DOGE as payment, including Amazon and eBay.

  • Online gaming: You can use DOGE to play games like Fortnite or League of Legends (and even bet on eSports).

  • Peer-to-peer transactions: You can use the Dogecoin network to send money directly to friends and family members without a middleman taking a cut of your transaction fee or making it more difficult than necessary to send funds across borders.

In addition, you can make offline payments at brick-and-mortar businesses using an app called Wallet Rocket that lets people pay with their phones using cryptocurrency like Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Litecoin (LTC).


Peer-to-peer exchanges are the most popular way to buy and sell DOGE. These exchanges allow you to swap one cryptocurrency for another without having to go through an intermediary, which means you can get better rates than on other platforms.

You can use Dogecoin (DOGE) for peer-to-peer payments in various places. Some websites and platforms allow users to transact directly with each other using DOGE. 

When making peer-to-peer transactions, ensure that both parties have a compatible Dogecoin wallet and agree on the payment terms. Always exercise caution and verify the legitimacy of the person or business you’re transacting with to avoid scams or fraud.

E-commerce/online stores

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency, so you can use it to buy any product or service online. There are many online stores that accept DOGE as a form of payment, from electronics to food and beverages, clothing and accessories. You can also use your DOGE to purchase tickets for travel or events.You can use Dogecoin (DOGE) as a payment method at various e-commerce and online stores. 

Some of these stores include:

Crypto Emporium: An online retailer that offers thousands of products and accepts Dogecoin payments.

Newegg: A well-known tech marketplace that added Dogecoin to its list of accepted cryptocurrencies in Spring 2021.

Menufy: A food delivery platform that allows you to pay with Dogecoin.

Dallas Mavericks: An NBA team that accepts Dogecoin for tickets and merchandise purchases.

Trading platforms

There are three main types of exchanges:

  • Crypto-only exchanges. These only allow you to trade cryptocurrencies, and not fiat currencies. These coin exchange have an extremely large selection of coins and tokens that you can buy or sell using BTC or ETH as your base currency (the currencies in which all other coins are priced).

  • Crypto-to-fiat exchanges. These allow users to deposit their fiat money into their accounts at a particular price point and then trade it for different cryptocurrencies based on market rates at the time of purchase/sale.

  • Crypto-to-crypto exchanges that allow traders who want to buy Dogecoin with Bitcoin or Ethereum to do so directly through their platform without having first acquired any other kind of currency like USDT or EURT first before making purchases. This makes these platforms ideal if you’re looking forward to investing into cryptocurrencies but don’t want any hassle associated with converting multiple currencies before buying your desired asset.

The future of Dogecoin: Is DOGE a good investment?

If you’re wondering whether or not Dogecoin is a good investment, the answer is yes. While it may not be as popular as Bitcoin or Ethereum, Dogecoin has been around for quite some time and still has a large user base. The coin can be used to pay for things online and can also be traded for other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

One of the reasons why people like investing in Dogecoin is because there are low transaction fees associated with them compared to other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin which have high fees due to congestion on their network.


Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that has been around for many years now and it still has a lot of potential to grow. It’s one of the most popular altcoins in existence today, with over 100 billion DOGE being mined since its launch back in 2013. The coin price has fluctuated over time but there are some reasons why it might be worth investing in Dogecoin if you have some spare cash lying around (or crypto assets like Bitcoin or Ethereum).

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