April 13, 2024

How to Play Various Poker Games?

Poker is a unique game which has a similar format but still, the game remains unpredictable. Anytime you can lose the game or win it. People generally know a few variants of poker. Whether you are playing with friends and family or you are playing online, poker has similar rules and you will get to know each of them gradually. 

If you know how to play poker, you must be aware of the types and formats of the game. The basics can be of three types of which the variants are formed. The basics are community card poker, draw poker and stud poker. Variants majorly are of five types including Texas-Holdem, Omaha, seven card stud, five card draw and Chinese poker, etc. 

The game always revolves around poker chips and cards. The rules vary for cards and the technique changes with every format. In some variants, you will play till the end and in others, you can withdraw yourself.  

Some of the common rules for any poker variant are: 

  1. Poker hand 

Having a solid poker is extremely important for any variant. A poker hand is a set of five or seven cards with which you will play around the bets. Every combination has its name and the strongest hand is the royal rush. You will never know what combination of cards you will get. Getting good poker is all about luck. If you want to try your luck, play poker on Pocket52. However, if you are a pro you can win the game diligently. 

  1. Bluffing 

Bluff is a common thing to do in either variant. Bluffing is all about showing confidence irrespective of the cards you have. You have to bluff your opponents so that they believe that you are stronger and they fold instead of showdown. This trick is common for all variants of poker. 

  1. Blind or ford bet 

It is the bet that you make based on your presumption about your opponent’s hand. A blind bet is played to start the game. The hosts generally make the forced bet to commence the betting round. Once the blind is played, players start bluffing. 

  1. The Dealer

The dealer is an important player who plays a vital role in the first round. The whole game is dependent on his act. If he plays mindfully he can be successful. 

  1. Limit 

Betting involves money in professional poker. So, it is important to bet within the boundaries of the game. Whether physical poker or online poker, you will see betting structures involving pot limit, fixed limit and no limit. All of them are available in all poker variants. 


People play poker but sometimes they are unaware of the variants and the rules. The basics are similar and the technique of playing changes with each variant. If you are a beginner you can start learning poker from the easiest variant which is Texas Hold’em.     

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