July 22, 2024

How to Create the Ultimate Festival-Themed Wedding

Weddings are one of the best reasons to celebrate, and all couples want their special day to be memorable. There are many styles of wedding you can choose, from formal affairs to a romantic ceremony on an exotic beach, and finding the perfect one that reflects you both as a couple is key. If you and your partner have always loved attending music festivals and are searching for a more laid-back vibe to celebrate your nuptials, perhaps hosting a festival-themed wedding could be ideal for you? If so, consider the following suggestions to help you create the ultimate festival-themed wedding.

Choose an Outdoor Venue

Being outdoors in an idyllic setting like an open field can certainly help to recreate a festival mood, so keep this in mind when you are looking at wedding venues. This will work better for summer weddings when the weather is warmer, but even still you should prepare for potential rain or cooler temperatures. You can choose to put up gazebos or yurt tents to add to the atmosphere and provide shelter, which is highly recommended. If the weather holds out, you should be able to have a wedding outside late into the autumnal months. Otherwise, a great alternative would be to find ways to decorate interiors to fit your festival theme.

Live Music

Some couples prefer DJs, others prefer a live wedding band – but both are essential to getting your guests to get up and dance the night away. Both of these options can be suitable for a festival-inspired wedding, but live music might add that magic touch more effectively. If you have the budget for it, you could always hire a DJ for later in the evening and have a band playing earlier on for the best of both choices. You should be able to find suitable options easily by searching for wedding bands online to find performers near you.

Food Trucks

You and your guests will need to take a break from all of the partying to refuel, and so having delicious food available is a must. If you would prefer to provide a sit-down meal for your guests this might not be the best option, but hiring food truck vendors for your wedding will certainly fit the festival theme. If you have a big enough budget, you may want to consider hiring two or three so that your guests have a wider choice of cuisine. You can also hire a mobile bar to serve cocktails and champagne. Just make sure you liaise with your venue to confirm they are happy with this, as some might prefer to do the catering themselves.

Colourful Décor

Bold, vibrant colours are another must if you want to capture the essence of big, fun festivals. Some décor ideas that would work well include flag banners, festoon lighting, floral archways, fire pits, ribbons, brightly coloured parasols, and so on. You could even find ways to incorporate your newlywed initials into the décor for a personal touch and something else that is sentimental to you as a couple. Small tea-light candles in glass holders can also be placed on table tops to help encourage a romantic ambience.


For a truly wonderful spectacle, you could organise a firework display to either mark the end of the celebrations, or a little earlier on in the evening once the sky grows dark as a way of generating further excitement and awe. This can work well as additional entertainment for your guests, but also fits in with the big, show-stopping pyrotechnics that is often incorporated into performances at festivals. Always check with your venue about this to ensure it is in line with their health and safety protocols, and hire professionals to arrange this display and handle the fireworks for you.

If you would love your wedding to reflect the fun and vibrant atmosphere of a festival, consider these suggestions to create the perfect day that your guests are sure to remember.

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