June 22, 2024

Everything You Need to Know About Numbing Spray and How to Use It

Getting a tattoo is a big decision and can be a bit nerve-wracking. It is understandable that you would want to ensure that you make it through the session without too much pain. One way to do this is to use numbing tattoo sprays. Numbing tattoo sprays are a great way to reduce the pain associated with getting a tattoo. They can also help reduce redness, swelling and bruising that can occur after a tattoo session. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about numbing tattoo sprays and how to use them. We’ll discuss the benefits of numb sprays, how to apply them properly and the types of sprays available. Whether you are getting your first tattoo or already have several, numb sprays can help ensure a more comfortable experience. Read on to learn more about numbing tattoo sprays and how to use them.


What Are Numbing Tattoo Sprays


Numb sprays are a popular product used to help reduce the pain associated with getting a tattoo. There are a variety of spray types, including water-based, alcohol-based and silicone-based. You can typically find these products at your local drugstore or online. Tattoo numb sprays typically contain a topical anesthetic such as lidocaine or tetracaine that is applied directly to the skin. These sprays can help numb the area, as well as reduce redness, swelling and bruising that can occur after a tattoo session. Numbing sprays are typically applied about 30 minutes before your tattoo appointment. It is important to follow the directions for each product you use. This will help to ensure you get the maximum level of numbness without experiencing any adverse reactions. Make sure to read the product instructions carefully and consult with your tattoo artist if you have any questions.


Proper Way Of Using Numbing Tattoo Sprays


When applying a numbing spray for your tattoo, you want to make sure to follow the directions on the product carefully. If you don’t, you may not get the results you are looking for. Here are a few tips when using a numbing tattoo spray: 


  • Your skin should be clean and dry. It should also be free of oil or lotion. If you have just washed your tattoo area and are waiting to apply the spray, make sure it is completely dry before you start. 
  • Wait until your skin is completely numb before getting your tattoo. You don’t want to risk having the artist not be able to feel your skin and cutting you. 
  • Make sure that you spray it away from your eyes. If you accidentally do, wash your eyes out with water immediately. 
  • Avoid getting your tattoo area too wet after applying a numb spray. If you do start to sweat, wipe it off and re-apply the numb spray as needed.


Preparation Tips


  • Eat a balanced diet and drink lots of water. A healthy diet will help ensure you have adequate nutrition to get through the healing process. You need to drink plenty of water to stat hydrated. 
  • Get plenty of rest. Once your tattoo is applied, you don’t want to be moving around too much, as this can increase your risk of infection. 
  • Stay away from alcohol. During the first few weeks of your healing process, it is important to avoid alcohol. The last thing you want to do is slow down the healing process. Alcohol can dry out your skin and cause the tattoo pigment to fade more quickly.


Aftercare Tips


  • Don’t pick at the scab. As tempting as it may be to pick at the scab, you should avoid this at all costs. Scabs are there to protect your skin and prevent infection. They are not something to be scraped off. 
  • Stay stocked up on bandages. You will use the bandages in protecting your tattoo until it heals. 
  • Be careful when bathing. You should avoid getting your tattoo wet during the healing process. If you do have to take a bath, be sure to dry the area off completely before applying a fresh bandage. 
  • Avoid soaking your tattoo. Stay away from hot tubs, pools, oceans and lakes until your tattoo is completely healed.


Advantages Of Numbing Tattoo Sprays


  • Reduce pain – Getting a tattoo can be very painful and is often exacerbated by nervousness. Applying a numb spray to the area beforehand can help reduce the pain associated with the tattooing process. 
  • Reduce swelling – Swelling is a natural response to getting a tattoo. Applying a numb spray to the area beforehand can help reduce the amount of swelling that occurs. 
  • Lessen risk of infection – Reducing the pain and swelling associated with getting a tattoo can also help lessen the risk of infection. 
  • Fewer complications – With less pain and swelling, you also have a lower risk of complications.


How To Choose The Best Numbing Tattoo Sprays


The key to choosing the best numbing tattoo sprays is to make sure they are a quality product. Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for the right product: 


  • Check the ingredients – make sure the product you choose is free of artificial ingredients and preservatives. 
  • Check the expiration date – make sure the product you choose is fresh and has not expired. 
  • Consider brand quality – while price is an important factor, don’t rule out a product just because it is a bit more expensive.




Getting a tattoo is an exciting and fun experience. In order to make sure you get through the experience as comfortably as possible, you can apply a numbing tattoo spray beforehand. Numbing tattoo sprays help reduce the pain associated with the tattooing process, as well as the amount of swelling that can occur. They also help lessen the risk of infection, as well as complications that can occur during the tattooing process. There are a variety of different types of numbing tattoo sprays available, and it’s important to choose the best product for your individual needs and preferences.

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