July 22, 2024

Best EV Charger Manufacturers in China You Need to Know

As an electric vehicle owner in China, staying on top of the latest EV charger technology and companies is crucial to keeping your vehicle powered up for daily driving needs and long-distance travel. The EV charging infrastructure in China has been growing at an exponential rate to meet the demands of the world’s largest EV market.

 There are many EV charger manufacturers in China producing innovative, high-quality charging equipment for public, commercial and residential use. To ensure you have the best charging experience possible and access to the latest advancements, you need to know the major players in China’s EV charger industry. 

This article profiles five of the best EV charger manufacturers that are shaping the future of electric mobility in China and leading the charge into the next generation of ultra-fast, smart charging technology. Stay plugged in to the best China has to offer.

TGOOD:a Pioneer in EV Charging Industry

As one of the leading EV charging solution providers in China, TGOOD is dedicated to accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles and promoting sustainable transportation. Founded in 2015, TGOOD aims to provide the most intelligent and convenient EV charging solutions for all drivers and related industries.

TGOOD offers a wide range of AC and DC chargers, including portable chargers, wall-mounted chargers and commercial fast chargers. Their cutting-edge technologies, such as smart load management systems and intelligent scheduling algorithms, enable an optimized charging experience for EV owners.

TGOOD has established a nationwide charging network across over 300 cities in China. Their chargers can be found in residential areas, office buildings, hotels, and public parking lots. TGOOD also provides customized charging solutions for fleet operators, logistics companies, and taxi companies to meet their large-scale and intensive charging needs.

Electrly:Best EV Charging Solution for All Drivers and Industries.

Electrly provides EV charging equipment that is built to withstand demanding conditions and frequent use. Their chargers undergo rigorous testing to ensure maximum uptime and minimal maintenance required. With an IP65-rated enclosure, Electrly’s chargers are resistant to dust, dirt and water, allowing for installation in any environment. Their charging stations are also equipped with smart technology like load balancing and scheduling to optimize energy usage and cost savings.

Flexible and Scalable Solutions

Electrly offers EV charging solutions suitable for residential, commercial and public applications. Homeowners can choose from affordable Level 2 chargers. Businesses have options ranging from multiple Level 2 chargers to DC fast charging for employees and customers. Their public charging systems are ideal for destinations like parking lots, retail stores, restaurants and more. Electrly’s chargers can also be scaled up as demand increases by adding additional ports and upgrading to faster-charging speeds.

Safe, Reliable and Fast Charging

Safety, reliability and speed are top priorities in Electrly’s EV charging equipment design. Their chargers have built-in mechanisms like ground fault circuit interrupters, overcurrent protection and temperature monitoring to prevent electric shock, overheating and short circuits. Electrly’s fast charging systems can provide an 80% charge in as little as 30 minutes, getting EV drivers back on the road quickly. They utilize the latest charging standards and technology to ensure maximum compatibility across all EV models.

Service and Support

Electrly stands behind its EV charging equipment with exceptional customer service and support. They offer remote monitoring and diagnostics, onsite maintenance, repair, replacement and more. Their team of charging experts provides guidance on equipment selection, installation and usage. Comprehensive warranties cover parts and labor for total peace of mind. With Electrly, you have a trusted partner to help navigate the transition to electric mobility.

Electrly is an industry leader providing advanced, user-friendly EV charging solutions for sustainable transportation. Their high-quality, innovative products and unparalleled support make charging simple and convenient for everyone.

DBT, the Expert in Fast Charging Technology

A Pioneer in EV Fast Charging

DBT, founded in 2011, is a leader in EV fast charging technology and solutions. As one of the first companies in China to develop EV charging equipment, DBT has been instrumental in building the country’s fast charging infrastructure.

DBT provides some of the fastest DC charging systems available, with power ratings up to 120kW. Their CHAdeMO and GB/T charging stations significantly reduce charging times, enabling 200km of range to be added in just 30 minutes. DBT’s fast charging solutions utilize liquid-cooled cables and connectors to handle high power loads, as well as load-balancing algorithms to optimize energy distribution between vehicles.

Cutting-Edge Innovation

At the forefront of EV charging innovation, DBT develops technologies like wireless charging, battery swapping systems, and smart charging software. Their wireless charging systems allow vehicles to charge simply by parking over a charging pad. DBT’s automated battery swapping stations can replace depleted batteries with fully charged ones in under 5 minutes. Their smart charging platform utilizes AI to analyze usage patterns and optimize charging schedules.

Global Experience

With over 6 years of experience, DBT has installed more than 1,500 charging stations across China. They have also delivered projects in Europe, Southeast Asia, and South America. DBT partners with automakers like BAIC, Chery, and JAC Motors to provide charging solutions for their EV models.

DBT offers comprehensive charging solutions including AC and DC chargers, wireless and battery swapping systems, load management software, and payment platforms. Their fast charging technology and innovative solutions have accelerated the adoption of EVs in China. As one of the leading EV charging companies, DBT is poised to continue shaping the future of e-mobility.

Star Charge, Focusing on R&D and Innovation

Star Charge is one of the leading EV charger manufacturers in China, focusing on R&D and innovation. Founded in 2010, Star Charge aims to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles by providing intelligent charging solutions.

Extensive Product Line

Star Charge offers a wide range of EV charging equipment, including:

  • DC fast chargers (50-350kW) for public stations and commercial fleets
  • AC chargers (3.3-22kW) for residential and public use
  • Portable EV chargers for emergency charging
  • V2G chargers for smart grid integration

Advanced Technology

Star Charge invests heavily in R&D and owns over 50 patents. Their chargers incorporate:

  • Modular design for high reliability and easy maintenance
  • Smart charging technology to optimize energy usage
  • IoT connectivity for remote monitoring and payment
  • Bidirectional power flow for vehicle-to-grid integration

Nationwide Coverage

With over 30,000 EV chargers deployed, Star Charge has established a nationwide network in China. They work with a variety of partners, including:

  • Automakers like BYD, BAIC, and Geely
  • Energy companies such as State Grid and China Southern Power Grid
  • Local governments and public organizations

Service and Support

Star Charge provides installation, operation, and maintenance services for all their products. They offer:

  • Site evaluation and equipment selection
  • Installation and commissioning
  • 24/7 call center support
  • Regular inspections, repairs and software upgrades

Star Charge’s focus on technology and service has made them a leader in China’s EV charging market. With their innovative and robust product line, Star Charge is poised to power the future of e-mobility.


As you have seen, China is leading the way in electric vehicle infrastructure and technology. With massive government support and ambitious goals to transition to electric vehicles, Chinese EV charger manufacturers are innovating at an incredible pace. From Electrly’s robust and cutting-edge DC fast charging stations to Star Charge’s solar-powered chargers, China is producing EV chargers for every need.

The companies profiled here are just a glimpse into the exciting developments happening in China’s EV industry. As China’s goals for vehicle electrification start to be realized in the coming decades, these manufacturers will help pave the way to a more sustainable transportation system, both in China and around the world. The future is electric, and China is charging ahead.

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