March 28, 2023

10 top social media sites to consider for your brand

We are aware of how significant social media has grown. It’s basically a waste of time to emphasis much on businesses and creates a brand around them because, quite literally, every marketer is aware of the advantages of social media. To increase brand recognition, establish connections with new clients, and engage your audience, you must have a strategy.

Of course, it’s not just a matter of how big the social media platforms are. Additionally, consider whether you and your business are a good fit for the social networking platform. It’s beneficial to be aware of the current top social media platforms.

The biggest social media network in the world is Facebook.

Facebook is simple to use because practically all content formats, including text, photos, videos and Stories, function well there. However, the Facebook algorithm gives priority to content that promotes meaningful interactions and conversations among individuals, particularly those from family and friends. But, the platform is used by more than just one person. 

Approximately millions of businesses use Facebook Business Pages. Additionally, Facebook advertising is used by countless millions of companies. Facebook, the most popular social media platform in the world, is a sure option for any company wanting to increase sales through eCommerce marketing.

  • YouTube

Since its launch in 2005, Youtube has dominated social media platforms. It is a terrific place to start a business because original video content is shared via it. Today, businesses and independent artists (influencers and content creators) are all overYouTube with high-quality content in an effort to strengthen their relationships with consumers. 

This social media platform is essential for any company wanting to use video marketing to its full potential. Therefore, you must be on YouTube if you employ video marketing to advertise your brand. 

  • Instagram

It is owned by Facebook, which offers extensive marketing data to help you contact your target demographic.

You may set up an Instagram business profile as a brand, which gives you access to detailed metrics for your profile and posts as well as the capability to plan Instagram updates using third-party applications. With more than a billion users, Instagram offers fantastic business opportunities. 

Instagram has emerged as the most successful channel for influencer marketing if you’re considering giving it a try.

  • WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s potential for brands is enormous and conspicuously underutilised, as you undoubtedly already know if you use it for customer service and retention. 

The customer services and other similar kind of work can be assisted through the WhatsApp business. The WhatsApp Business app is available for small businesses, and the WhatsApp Business API is available for enterprise businesses. that is why Whatsapp has become such a great business platform. 

  • TikTok

Users of TikTok can produce and share 15–60 second long videos. Similar to other social networking sites, its algorithm will gradually learn what you enjoy and present you with more relevant content. TikTok is a great platform to use if you have a young audience. 

TikTok is a must-have for your digital marketing platfom. You can show off a creative or visually appealing side or BTS of your company to your target demographic of young people as they are dominating there. 


  • Snapchat

Snapchat is a young audience platform. Users share little video clips to communicate. Emojis, stickers, filters, and the sketch tool are just a few of the many accessories Snapchat offers to let you personalise your video messages. 

It helped popularise the vertical video format, which later spread to other social networking sites like Instagram and TikTok. User-generated content and influencer takeovers thrive on Snapchat. The most frequent Snapchat users are 13-year-olds. You should definitely join Snapchat if your target audience is young.

  • Pinterest

Pinterest serves as a central hub for finding ideas and new items. Users “pin” images on Pinterest that point to websites, product pages, blog articles, and other online material. It’s a fantastic platform for increasing website traffic. 

You can share your brand’s ideas and products on the interest site and generate revenues through it. Additionally, you can make your own pins to share. 

  • Twitter

Twitter is a popular customer support medium for many brands. Brands can grow their businesses through this platform.The social media platform can used for marketing, customer service, interacting with the audience and much more. 

Dedicated commercial tools like Twitter analytics are also available. You can track the demographics, age and other factors to see where you are getting high reach from. Additionally, market research is a terrific use of Twitter’s advanced search.

  • Quora 

Simply put, Quora is a forum for asking and answering questions. Many users post queries and provide answers to questions of all kinds. As a brand, you can set up a Quora page for your company or employ employee advocates to respond to inquiries about your goods or services or issues pertaining to your sector. You can utilise Quora’s advertising platform to promote your company. 

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn has developed from a straightforward resume and job search engine into a business platform. Here, subject matter experts can exchange content, connect with others, and establish their personal brands. This social media platform is excellent for networking and building your personal brand. 

It’s an excellent location to find people to work with or hire because of this. Additionally, you can contact your target demographic by using LinkedIn advertising.


These are the top 10 social media platforms in the globe that you should think about using for your company. Regardless of the social media platform’s size, think about if your brand’s target demographic is present there. Start presenting yourself to your audience right away. They’ll become devoted supporters and clients if you get to know them, interact with them, and add value. 

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